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e-Jam works on the most recent versions of the following browsers :
Discover songs
You can listen to each song with all of the voices playing at the same time, or individually. It's important to choose the voice with which you feel most comfortable. At this stage you'll be able to discover songs, follow a coach, see him or her conducting, watch your friends' Jams, and then say: "Now, it's my turn!" Just think of the Walls of Fame you'll be able to put together with your friends.
Become a Jammer
In order to record yourself and start creating Walls of Fame, you'll need to set up an account. You can either create an account directly on the website, or connect via Facebook. It's up to you!
Create a Jam
Pour fabriquer un jam, il faut s'enregistrer avec l'application pour iPhone et iPad (voir plus bas). Afin d'avoir la meilleure qualité, il est important d'avoir un casque et un micro But the most important thing is to know the lyrics to the song. Once you start creating your own Jams, you'll have listened to feedback from your coach, practiced your song and learned the lyrics. Or not! As after all, you can dance to a Jam or compose music. Everyone has a favourite way of expressing themselves! Go for it!
Create a Wall of Fame
A Wall of Fame is made up of Jams that have been 'added to your selection,' in the same way as when you do your shopping online, and you can create yours by dragging and dropping Jams into the Wall of Fame section. You can create Walls of Fame with 4, 8 or 15 Jams. Remember that even if you're not signed up, you'll be able to create a Wall of Fame, but you won't be able to save it or publish it. In order to make use of all of these features, you need to have an account, so sign up! In order to upload your Wall of Fame, you just need to follow the same steps as when uploading a Jam.
e-Jam for iPhone
with e-Jam on iPhone or iPad, you will be able to sing anywhere. You can record and make automatic jamsessions. There is also tools like metronome and videos to practice your voice. N'hésitez pas, téléchargez l'application e-Jam sur iPhone ou iPad.